15 Jul 2022

AWS Lambda Best Practices: Resilient Input Validation

Live Virtual Meetup 22.08.2022 - 01:00pm-02:00pm ET

Developers tend to focus on implementing the AWS Lambda handler business logic and pay less attention to the validity of the 'event' input parameter. Their algorithm is simple: extract the business logic payload from the input and process it. Easy. However, this overly optimistic behavior can lead to crashes, undefined behaviors, bugs, and even security issues.

Join this session to learn the importance of input validation in the cloud, the pitfalls it prevents, and how to overcome the inherent challenges and complexity you encounter when developing AWS Lambda functions.

You will learn how to process your event input in a safe and resilient manner so you can focus on the things that matter the most, your business logic. Ran will also demonstrate how to start a Serverless application with two mouse clicks using his open source AWS Lambda Handler Cookbook (Python).

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