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Ran Isenberg

  • Principal Software Architect at CyberArk

  • AWS re:Invent speaker

  • AWS summits & community days speaker

  • 20+ conferences speaker

  • 3 AWS blog articles

  • 50+ technical blogs

  • 5 open-source projects

Hi there, my name is Ran Isenberg.


I'm a Principal Software Architect, an AWS Serverless Hero, a blogger, and a global public speaker.

What does a day at my work look like:

  • I design and build Serverless applications on AWS.

  • I define best practices and quality standards for working in the cloud.

  • I train new teams to work in the cloud.

  • I define and develop SDKs that are used across the organization.

  • I tackle issues such as authentication, login flows, authorization, security, tenant isolation, observability, logging, and the cost aspects of our solutions.


I started this website to share my knowledge and experience in the Serverless world and help others get into the amazing world of Serverless development on AWS. 

I'm also an avid believer in open-source projects, and I started an open-source AWS Lambda best practices template project as part of my AWS Lambda handler cookbook blog series.

I have also contributed features to other open-source projects such as AWS Lambda Powertools.

On a personal note, I'm a proud father of two boys, an amateur barista, and play the electric guitar.

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