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Open-Source Projects

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AWS Lambda Handler Cookbook

This repository provides a working, deployable, open source-based, serverless service template with an AWS Lambda function and AWS CDK Python code with all the best practices and a complete CI/CD pipeline.

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AWS Lambda Environment Modeler

A Python library designed to simplify the process of managing and validating environment variables in your AWS Lambda functions.

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Serverless Cookiecutter Python

Based on the AWS Lambda Handler Cookbook project, this repository is a CLI based cookiecutter template for new Serverless services - CDK deployment code, pipeline and handler are covered with best practices built in.

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AWS Text to Speech

This repository deploys a serverless service that takes text files uploaded to a bucket, converts them to an MP3 and sends the output to an email address.

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AWS Serverless Cron Template

This project provides a working, open source based, Serverless cron jobs Python code including DEPLOYMENT code with CDK and a pipeline.

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