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Open-Source Projects

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AWS Lambda Handler Cookbook

This repository provides a working, deployable, open source-based, serverless service template with an AWS Lambda function and AWS CDK Python code with all the best practices and a complete CI/CD pipeline.

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Serverless Python Demo

Service code examples of my AWS re:Invent 23 session: "The pragmatic Serverless Python Developer". 

This project covers an opinionated approach to Python project setup, testing, profiling, deployments, and operations. Learn about many open source tools, including Powertools for AWS Lambda—a toolkit that can help you implement serverless best practices and increase developer velocity.

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AWS Lambda Environment Modeler

A Python library designed to simplify the process of managing and validating environment variables in your AWS Lambda functions.

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Serverless Cookiecutter Python

Based on the AWS Lambda Handler Cookbook project, this repository is a CLI based cookiecutter template for new Serverless services - CDK deployment code, pipeline and handler are covered with best practices built in.

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AWS Text to Speech

This repository deploys a serverless service that takes text files uploaded to a bucket, converts them to an MP3 and sends the output to an email address.

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AWS Serverless Cron Template

This project provides a working, open source based, Serverless cron jobs Python code including DEPLOYMENT code with CDK and a pipeline.

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