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Public Speaking Events


AWS re:invent 2023 re:cap Israel
Security & Serverless review [HEBREW]

AWS re:invent 2023
The pragmatic serverless Python developer (OPN305)

Real-World Serverless podcast
AWS Serverless Hero on adopting CDK in an enterprise environment

CDK Best Practices From the Trenches

CI and CD on AWS @ Johannes Koch
Feature Flagging - WHY and HOW - part 1

AWS Summit Tel Aviv
Optimizing your multi-tenant SaaS architecture (MAD305)

Building SaaS on AWS
How CyberArk built a tenant management service for its SaaS offering

BarazaGumi [Hebrew]
מאיצים את הפיתוח בעזרת טמפלייטים

NWD meetups
How one code contribution changed my career [Hebrew]

PlatformCon 23
How CyberArk reduces cognitive load with platform engineering

Serverless Office Hours @ Serverless Land
Lambda cookbook with Python

CI and CD on AWS @ Johannes Koch
SHOWOFF CI/CD - Github Actions for Serverless

Ready, Set, Cloud Podcast @ Allen Helton
A Deep Dive Into Platform Engineering


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